List your reasons for why Sokeefe will be endgame! Make sure to include your nickname so you can recieve credit for your theories.

Argument/Theory Nickname (User)
To quote MagicDaydreamer (Cress): "Though he DOES NOT have anger issues, I cannot defend him. His relationship with Sophie is so toxic. He uses her. He only cares because she's "special". Meanwhile Keefe has a terrible, terrible life, abusive parents, and only one person in the world who he truly loves. And yet everyone in Fitz's life - heck, even Alden - is pushing Sophie and Fitz together and it's destroying Keefe." To add onto that, Fitz may have been betrayed by Alvar, but he had four other family members to support him. And yet, he killed Alvar, and all Sophie said was sometimes you make hard choices in life. Keefe was not able to kill Lady Gisela, and while people may see this as weakness, it is more than that. It's shows, that, unlike Fitz, he has a heart. Mai (Dauntless-Shadow)
I believe that Sokeefe will be endgame because of the events that transpired in Legacy and because they are most likely to. Zoe (Bookperson876)
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